Our Team


D.J. Joo,  founder

While America was celebrating its Bicentennial in the spring of 1976, all 4.3 pounds of me slipped on to this planet in Seoul, South Korea, the desire to meet and embrace all the inhabitants of this vast and mysterious world somehow already coursing through my delicate blue veins. Within a year, I’d have my first 11,000 miles of travel behind me, as my parents toted me, a couple of travel-battered suitcases, and a mere $1000 to Sao Paulo to begin my second new life. Read more



Transformation is in her DNA. She has evolved into a hybrid thinker passionate about understanding people, processes and value creation in organizations. She graduated in Financial Management in Mexico and obtained her MBA in San Francisco. She has worked in Business Development bringing up to $100 million dollars in revenue for Fortune 500 companies and co-created a venture in wellness reaching millions of people with educational content. 




Danielle Huggins is an an expert with 10+ years investigating attachment and trauma-focused interventions for very young children, their caregivers, and communities.  Her therapeutic teaching style enabled her to design and implement a training program for 20+ therapeutic preschool specialists that was quickly expanded to cover 13 clinics across the State of Utah. Danielle is also a singer-songwriter whose work has been produced and performed internationally.  Her global collaborations have led to ground-breaking workshops, massive experiential installations and transformative youth events such as Colors of Love.  Today, Danielle blends her clinical expertise and creative gifts to create the highest level of therapeutic program protocols, procedures and integrative interventions. She will also be responsible for training partners and allies on how best to utilize art and music to lead children to more self-confidence, skills-development and foster greater potential for children in community.


thomas speckman

A design thinker: one part designer, one part communicator, one part innovator. Tom is a creator of engaging experiences and a storyteller able to synthesize big vision, into simple, intuitive pixel-perfect design. A human-centered designer, researcher, product developer, entrepreneur and most recently technology consultant, Tom has 15 years global experience delivering web, mobile, and print projects in education, food and beverage, and high-tech sectors. In his words, "I walk, explore, look and listen in search for novel approaches to answer deep questions, remain curious and am always thinking design." Born and raised in Seattle, Tom has spent the last 25 years creating educational, professional and life experiences in the US, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. Typically, a guest to most places and different cultures, he has developed an empathy lens through travel, photography and active listening.



Becky trained as a professional dancer in London graduating from London Studio Centre; she danced for various artists such as Celine Dion, Florence and the Machine, Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Rhianna. She performed in the Olympic and Paralympic London 2012 closing ceremonies, and in UK arenas and around the world, with various performances and TV shows. She was also in the London West End Michael Jackson musical 'Thriller Live'. She went to India to train as a yoga teacher and created a class structure, 'Sun-flow' integrating yoga and dance. Developing her increasing interest in the therapeutic benefits of dance and music, she trained as a Switch2Move practitioner in Berlin with Andrew Greenwood, merging health, movement and art. Switch2Move is a specific movement program to teach people with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, the elderly and mentally and physically impaired. Becky is extremely honored to be part of Pass The Beat and to offer her experience within the sphere of mindfulness, music, movement, healing and growth.


lasse larkovuo

Brought up in Finland,  Lasse found his passion to learn about life and new cultures already at a young age. Whilst traveling and living in places such as Bali, Thailand and London, Berlin has been an important base for him, where he graduated from the Berlin School of Economic and Law with a Masters degree in International Brand and Marketing Management. In 2014 after his studies, he founded VALO, an ethical and conscious clothing brand working with natural materials in local communities in Bali. Embracing expression of individuality and the connection between people and nature, Lasse wants to inspire a positive change in the world. Besides having worked in the field of brand consulting and talent management, his true passion is in music and event management, and he has been organizing events and sharing his music around the world in North and Central America, Europe and Asia. He is very proud to be part of Pass The Beat, and spread the healing effects of music.


dragana nozica

Dragana is a half Bosnian, half Croatian holistic creative. An unshakable dancer, world bridger, imperfect explorer of life journeys, jungle lover, reservoir of joy, forever curious, ecstatic wanderer and multi passionate tribalista.

Having left her home country after the war, she has spent the last 15 years traveling the world and committing her passion to projects ranging from the Creative Production of festivals and events; (True:Nature -Thailand, Air Festival - Bali, Travel:Tech lab -London, The Trampery -London, Soundwave - Croatia, Forgather - London), to Artist relations and Management (Outlook/Dimensions Festival - Croatia, Fabric - London, Found Festival - London, Exit Festival - Serbia) and more recently she has found her calling in the management and programming of Creative Holistic experiences (The Sanctuary - Thailand). 



"I AM" ENERGY Specialist and Author of "Internal Perfection", Donn Smith is a man with great heart and immense compassion. Having always known he could make a difference in the world, Donn naturally spent the past 31 years consciously exploring the realms of human intellectual, neurological and cellular processes while simultaneously deepening and expanding his energies of Spirit, Oneness, Truth and Love. His exhaustive studies, coupled with his own intense and challenging life path, have created for Donn a powerful process of transformation that he now offers clients and loved ones worldwide. Donn's commitment to mastering real transformation is fully realized with laserlike precision in his "I AM" ENERGY Program. Over his past 3 decades of work with drug addicts, alcoholics, imprisoned murderers, elite executives, professional athletes, global leaders and spiritual seekers, Donn has refined his unique and rapid ability to locate and uncover the neurological and cellular blockages that keep each of us from achieving and living our true Divine potential. With humour, insight, grace and power Donn provides those who are ready the opportunity to see their life and existence in a totally new way and quickly move from who they are not to the knowing and truth of who they are ... and stay there.



Tatiana is currently based in Berlin, and works for AtomLeap, a High-Tech management and consulting agency, where she supports with project management related to Startup Acceleration and business intelligence operations. Previously, she worked in the field of sustainable investment, social enterprises and non-profits, co-founded a cooperative blockchain-based platform, and created content for organization such as the Creative Footprint, in partnership with Charles Landry, International author, speaker and advisor on the future of cities, best known for popularising the Creative City concept and the Music Board Berlin. Having completed her interdisciplinary academic background in Economics, Political Science, Law, and Sociology between Maastricht and Humboldt University, Tatiana combines her interests, skills and passion to support develop the sustainable, impact-driven enterprise ecosystem. Having been shaped by diverse cultural backgrounds, Tatiana is now a sucker for building and bridging trans-local networks that co-envision, co-design & co-create more desirable & conscious futures.



Since 2004, Kevin Seal has helped build the Music Genome Project, the musicological research database that fuels the US-based music recommendations for Pandora. Prior to that, he was a Wells Scholar at Indiana University, where he studied music composition with Dr. William C. Banfield and Dr. Andrey Kasparov. As a piano player and singer, he has performed in North America, Asia, and Europe.

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morta kazlauskaitė

After graduating from Sciences Po, Political Science Institute of Paris, Morta has been working in tech and creative industries supporting entrepreneurs in kicking off their businesses. The intersection point of technology, innovation, creativity, and social impact, has always been Morta’s main area of interest, even before co-founding a Lithuanian watchdogging initiative Zinau, ka renku (‘Learn what you vote for’) at the age of 18. 


RAZ olsher

Raz Olsher is an award-winning, multi-platinum music producer and composer who brings two decades of music mastery to our team.  Since founding Fossil Studios in 2009 within the most diverse borough in Europe of Hackney (East London), Raz has been working with an array of world-class artists and has achieved widespread commercial success and recognition for his work; Including a UK-chart number-one hit record exceeding two-million sales worldwide.  Raz has received far-reaching acclaim from the highest tier of musical establishments such as the BBC New Talent Award, DITTO’s Critics Choice Award and a Mercury Prize Nomination. Alongside music production, Raz is a prolific film composer and has written music for feature length movies, documentaries as well as created musical branding for countless impactful campaigns.  Raz is a respected guest lecturer at the world-renowned Abbey Road Institute in London; educating talent from across the globe.   He has always felt a strong calling to build bridges through music and create opportunities for those less-privileged to express themselves and transform through the creative processe. His charitable work includes years in collaboration with the largest children’s charity in the UK, Kid’s Company as well as with Clapton Girl’s Academy.  Raz’s passion for bringing about positive change through the arts has not only made him a pillar in his own diverse community but is also invaluable to our global mission.