Our Team

We are a collective, a global community of friends comprised of artists, humanitarians, professional musicians, entrepreneurs, attorneys and executives who are passionate and committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children around the world through music and art.  Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends. Without music, life is a journey through a desert. Music is love in search of a word. And that is our common thread.  Good thoughts, good words, good deeds is our motto.


D.J. Joo

Co-Founder / C.E.O.

My name is D.J. Joo. I am 5’6”. And walk the earth like a grateful giant. 

While America was celebrating its Bicentennial in the spring of 1976, all 4.3 pounds of me slipped on to this planet in Seoul, South Korea, the desire to meet and embrace all the inhabitants of this vast and mysterious world somehow already coursing through my delicate blue veins.  Read more


ernest Zarate

Co-Founder / C.O.O.

Ernest Zarate is a Mexican entrepreneur, focused in the restaurant and hotel industry always pushing the limits of innovation. But his true love lies in serving others and helping people to be better. He also has a deep interest in real state development and architecture. He is a passionated traveler with the curiosity to continue exploring the entire world.  While traveling in northern Thailand, in a mountain village called Pai, serendipity brought him to meet D.J. and an instant connection was made.  They shared the same vision about life and a deep desire to help children.  Now he is dedicating this project as his main focus and spearheading PTB's next program in Latin America.  


John Medeski

Board Member

John Medeski is an American jazz keyboard player and composer. Medeski is a veteran of New York's 1990s avant-garde jazz scene and is known popularly as a member of Medeski Martin & Wood. Sharing the same sentiment to serve and give back to children through music has given us a huge reason to feel grateful to have our dear friend John on board for this lifelong mission.  

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Kirk joseph

Global Ambassador

Kirk Joseph is a world renowned sousaphone virtuoso from New Orleans, Louisiana.  He is one of the founding members of the legendary Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  Kirk was part of the first ever Benefit show for PTB in May of 2017, and connects to the mission as his own life was changed by a similar music program which provided him lessons his own family otherwise could not afford. 


Rahul Jha

Chief Strategy Officer / Geneva, Switzerland

Rahul Jha is from New Delhi, India presently stationed at the HQ of UN Agency ITU in Geneva. He graduated as a Telecommunication Engineer from University of Pune in 2009, joining Nokia Siemens Networks as a Graduate Engineer Trainee and handled one of the largest core nodes in india, managing Core network services for Bharti. He also joined another Technology giant Ericsson for 6 months before pursuing MBA from one of the leading ranked Business School in India : IMT Ghaziabad and HHL Leipzig, Germany. He has experience in Advertising, Education, Technology & Policy domain. He loves music like everyone else and plays Tabla : an Indian percussion instrument.