Pass The Beat provides a curriculum tailored to support and guide children towards a more empathetic, creative and mindful way of life. The program focuses on key areas of development, and integrates meditation, music and affirmations that are in tune with emotional regulation, breath and connection to the body, nature, compassion, and awareness of senses. We are developing exercises, songs and movement activities to promote these qualities in the children, with a strong focus on music as a tool to engage and translate these
themes. As well as the key developmental pillars, Pass The Beat equips the children with a wide range of musical instruments, music lessons, and music production facilities. Running parallel with mindfulness, meditation practices and
affirmation work, the music provides an outlet of expression, promoting self-healing, which is fun, creative and expansive.

Our curriculum:
Beginning Circle/Opening ceremony
If an hour class, will last 10 mins.
- Ice breakers – e.g. name game
- Circles – get together
- Sing the opening song me and Dani will come up with, connecting
movements to the affirming lyrics i.e. “the earth and sky, reaching up and
down” “I AM”, simple but effective …gets them moving and open.
- Simple body exercises
- Perhaps introduce them to a new instrument/new song to work on.
- Set intentions – “What do you want to achieve?”

Music Exploration. MODULES
Connecting an aspect of music to wisdom in the body.
Each module will be focused on over a period of time, with the opening and
closing ceremonies beginning and end of each class.
If an hour class will last about 40 mins
1. Percussion – Rhythm
o Djembe
o Box
o Clapping
o “Finding your own rhythm”
o “Following your pace, whilst still acknowledging others” - selflessness
o “Getting in your body”
o “Keeping the beat of life balanced”

2. Bass – Grounding
o “Connection to nature”
o “Connection to yourself”
o “What makes you happy/sad?”

o “What is your bass line? What is the grounding force in your life”
o “How can you keep that?”

3. Singing – Finding your voice
o Expression
o Getting your needs met
o Melody – “Listening to your own needs”
o Harmony – “Listening to other people’s needs”
o Dissonance!!! – “What feels dissonant in your life?” –shadow work???
o “Do you find it hard to talk about your feelings?”
o Activities related to empathy
o Teach the anthem

4. Chords – Gratitude
o Unity
o Symphony
o Diversity
o Universal concepts

5. Performance – Shine Your LIGHT.
o Share your gifts with the world
o Confidence exercises
o Songs

Wrap up/closing ceremony
If an hour class about 10 mins
- Meditations – Inner explorer
- Affirmations
- Anthem closing song
- “What made you feel proud?”