Greetings from Pokhara

Hello PTB family! 


Greetings from Pokhara, Nepal, where we successfully established our third PTB program! We entered into a partnership there with a wonderful local agency, the Children Welfare Association (CWA), which for the past 16 years has been operating an orphanage in Pokhara. At present the CWA houses 33 children, with whom we were blessed to spend a few, deeply rewarding days.  These children's spirit, friendliness, and desire to play and learn about music is truly inspiring, and we hope at least some of that is captured in the accompanying photographs.  And thanks to your donations, we were able to provide them with many different instruments that we purchased from a local business, including seven guitars, five keyboards, five flutes, and two traditional Nepali drums.  The smiles these instruments brought to the children’s faces is simply priceless.  Additionally, your generosity allowed us to hire Kajiman Rai! Kajiman, an amazing local musician who has agreed to instruct the children for the next six months, working towards a public music performance at the end of the session.  We could not be more excited! 

Again, thank you so much for your generous support, it is unquestionably making a difference in the lives of so many children!


All our best,