We are ecstatic to report back from Peru

We are ecstatic to report back from Peru, having had an amazing experience setting up a program at the Ninos Del Sol orphanage in Urubamba. When the full PBT website is up and running – and that will be soon! – we will give Ninos Del Sol the full write-up it deserves, as it is a uniquely special place with an incredibly inspiring history. But for the time being, we simply wanted to post some pictures and fill you in on one big development: Local music legend Beto Martinez has joined the PTB family, agreeing to provide the children with 90 minute lessons twice a week for six months! Thanks entirely to your support, PTB was able to both hire Beto and support the children by purchasing several instruments from local businesses, including four quenas (traditional flutes from the Andes Mountains), two acoustic guitars, two charangos, three cajones (original Peruvian drum boxes), and many tambourines. Beto’s goal is to have the children prepared to play a public recital at the end of the six months, and we cannot wait for it!  In the meantime, we are heading out tomorrow for Bhutan, Nepal and Northern Thailand with the goal of creating PTB programs in each location.  Please stay tuned, as we will be posting pictures and providing updates along the way. Thank you again for your support!