When words fail, music speaks.
— Hans Christian Andersen

From our most joyous and brightest moments to our loneliest and darkest hours, music provides a medium through which we can better understand and internalize the myriad experiences of our lives. But the power of music even transcends its ability to speak and to heal: through education, music can help us reach our intellectual, social, and creative potential. And nowhere is music education a more powerful tool than in the tiny, growing hands of the world’s most precious resource – our children.  With that in mind, we have created Pass The Beat.



Pass The Beat is not your typical non-profit. We are a collaborative platform, a movement based on emotion and rhythm, not just a music beat, but at the core a heart beat. Spreading this energy and providing music education to disadvantaged children around the world is what we do because we believe music education is a birthright not a privilege.  We are deeply passionate about bringing people from all over the world together who share this sensibility and want to make a difference to change the world. 



Your contributions will continue supporting our on-going programs as well as future missions ahead.